Testimonials: Physician and Executive Reactions to CoverWrap® Advertising in their Practice or Business

Physician Reactions to Pharmaceutical Cover-wrap Advertising

title CoverWrap Advertising

"Patients don't always point out scars - assuming that it's something they just have to live with - this program starts them asking questions and getting treatment."

Urologist, New York, NY

"Makes asking much easier for the patients."

FP, Rochester Hills, MI

"It's a great idea to get your product seen."

PCP, San Diego, CA

"Magazine messages helpful for patients and makes them aware of 'Brand'."

GP, Austin, TX

"These were great wraps to help inform patients."

Cardiologist, Portland, OR

"Good resources and fun reading for the office's Waiting Room."

IM, Denver, CO

"This Program has generated more interest in 'Brand' than I would have expected."

Psychiatrist, Princeton, NJ

Recipient Reactions to Business-to-Business Cover-wrap Advertising

title CoverWrap Advertising

I think of "sponsor company" each time an issue arrives

VP, Coca-Cola Co.

This is a good way for "Sponsor Company" to get its name in front of me & make me think of them at least once a month without any direct marketing by them.

SVP, Sears, Roebuck and Co.

We just hired "Sponsor Company" for a major contract. Enough said.

SVP & GC, Union Pacific Railroad

I appreciate the Forbes subscription very much. This information is of value to me and is a constant reminder of "Sponsor Company's" presence. Thank you "Sponsor Company"!

Managing Dir. & CFO, Blue Water Capital

"Sponsor Company" is a great firm and this Program keeps their name in front of me in a non-obtrusive, valuable manner.

VP, Shell Oil Co.

"Sponsor Company's" covers are great, and their sponsorship of the program introduced me to a product and information I would not otherwise have had.

President & COO, PRWT Holdings

This program is a great way for "Sponsor Company" to set themselves apart from other firms.

VP, Nestle USA

I think it is a great idea - something business related that is really useful.

EVP, Shell Oil Co

The Forbes Cover-Wrap Program produced $20 Million in new business to my software company. This program works. I'm renewing and expanding my program this year.

- CMO, Software Company,
San Jose, CA

CoverWrap in Action

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