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The POWER of Point of Care

RIGHT Message - RIGHT Place - RIGHT Time.

Consumers view your CoverWrap® advertising at a moment when their symptoms, ailments, overall health and wellness is top-of-mind, in the doctor's office - a trusted environment. Eager patients engage with your CoverWrap content before and during their visit with the doctor. They carry the publication, featuring your product, into the examining room. They ask questions about your product, its effectiveness, and whether it will work for them. Your message reached the patient at their most vulnerable purchase moment, as the doctor discusses optional treatments and products.
There you are with the right solution, for the right patient, with the right endorsement: A prescription for success!

How it WorksHow it Works

Three simple steps to targeting Pharma Audiences and getting results using CoverWrap Communications:

  1. Select which Network Offices you need to reach your desired audience.
  2. Select a magazine that precisely matches the interests of your intended target audience. CoverWrap Communications partners with a wide selection of prestigious national titles. Run with #1 powerhouse magazine brands.
  3. Reach your audience with 4-Page, 6-Page or 8-Page cover ads on leading magazines you selected. Typical programs run for 3 months, 6 months,
    9 months or 12 months.

Powerful Audience ReachPowerful Audience Reach

91% of doctors' offices nationwide
92% of high-prescribing doctors' offices
Visibility in both the waiting room and the exam room

Captive AudiencePowerful Audience Reach

20 TO 40 MINUTE AVERAGE wait time for a doctor or specialist.
65% say waiting room materials are the most credible source of information.
Magazine readership is still #1 waiting room pastime.

Targeted Physician Specialty OpportunitiesTargeted Specialty Opportunities

CoverWrap® programs are available at over 90 Physician or Caregiver SPECIALTIES (including emergent & primary care physicians, dentists, vets, clinics, etc.) All CoverWrap Advertising programs are tailored to the caregivers' audience and customized to the marketing goals of advertiser.

Why CoverWrap CommunicationsWhy CoverWrap Communications

Our CoverWrap marketing approach starts with uncovering your unique buying audience, developing your office network reach and is powered by the most popular leading consumer magazine titles. Quantitative and Qualitative post-campaign surveys capture the data to optimize future campaigns. With 30+ years of experience, We know exactly how to create POC CoverWrap campaigns that work for you.

The Successful Path To RetailThe Successful Path To Retail

80% of patients go immediately to a retailer after a doctor visit. They want to feel better. Your CoverWrap® advertising may provide incentive coupons or other codes to motivate savvy consumers at their favorite pharmacy.

Campaign AnalysisCampaign Analysis

Evaluate campaign effectiveness with a survey sent to physician/practice and/or participate in a third party Rx research study which will provide detailed quantitative results along with ROI analysis. Third Party firms are trusted leading Rx research companies providing impartial results. Up to 3 provider options will be presented to you from which to choose.

Precise. Proven. Guaranteed.Precise. Proven. Guaranteed.

Partnering with the world's LEADING PUBLISHERS for over 30 years, CoverWrap has the professional experience, strategic connections and proven results to position your brand for success. We deliver your marketing messages to receptive patients and their caregivers, who are focused on improving their health and overall wellness. CoverWrap Communications will guide the way to a healthy bottom line for you and your company.

"We launched a new product in a new drug classification. We wanted to educate the patient and stimulate a dialogue between patients, physicians and PA's regarding 'product name'. The program was very effective and the IMS data confirmed the research study results. I am planning another cover-wrap program for one of my clients."

- Media Director, Ad Agency,
New York, NY

CoverWrap in Action

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