What is Magazine Cover Wrap Advertising?

title CoverWrap Advertising

A cover wrap is a sponsored ad message bound to the outside surfaces of a magazine at the spine. It usually consists of 4-pages, 6-pages, 8 pages or 10 pages. Cover wrap ad formats may vary between gatefold style, double gatefolds and booklet style versions. Cover wrap ads are traditionally printed on same cover stock as magazine and treated with aqueous varnish on exterior surfaces for quality and durability of finished delivered product. Magazine logo, ink jet box and promotional disclaimer are also present on front surface of cover wrap.

Cover wrap advertisements are used to communicate directly to business executives (B2B), patients (DTC / POC), physicians, small business owners, as well as many other highly targeted audiences. Cover wrap ads are used to strategically drive engagements and revenue. Cover wrap advertising is proven, established, effective advertising. Cover wrap advertising has been used by over 80% of Fortune 500 companies to communicate their products, services and brand to targeted executives around the world. Over 90% of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies have used this form of advertising to target patients, caregivers and physicians. Educating patients and physicians about better treatment options and healthier lifestyle changes leads to improved patient outcomes. It works similarly with informing C-suite executives, business owners and decision makers about a new product or service. Better business decisions leads to millions of dollars in revenue impacting the bottom line of target audience and advertiser. Cover wrap marketing communicates a clear direct message for leading advertisers.

Advantages of Cover Wrap Ads on Leading Magazines

Powerful cover position delivers can't miss messaging to targeted audiences. Halo effect associating your ad message with trusted leading content providers strengthens brand image. Target 95% to 100% of VIP audience with no waste. Drive audience to act. Today's consumers are exposed to an expanding, fragmented array of marketing touch points across media and sales channels. Cover wrap ads alone drive audiences to take action and engage advertiser.

High Investment Return

Research is conducted on every ad program we implement. B2B program research demonstrates ROI between 2:1 and 20:1. Pharmaceutical product script lift isolates 2:1 to 7:1 ROI. Cover wrap is proven and effective and delivers millions of dollars of revenue to leading advertisers.

Targeted Audiences & Audience Development

Cover wrap ads may target and communicate with anyone in the world. Audiences may be targeted at business office, home, or in public places such as physician waiting room or beauty salons. Audience networks are customized to exact needs of advertiser. CoverWrap Communications will develop global audiences as needed with highest accuracy requirements.

Cover Impact & Creative Flexibility

Use the entire surface of cover to communicate bold messages and extensive content / information. Cover wrap advertisements have few creative limitations regarding messaging.

Why Choose Cover Wrap Magazines Advertisements?

Cover wrap advertising is the most cost effective ad form. It is highly targetable and unmatched in reaching 100% of advertisers VIP audiences. Cover wrap ads generate significant measurable ROI. Cover wrap ads create good will. Due to the principles of reciprocity, cover wrap ads drive readers to spend more time with messages. Cover wrap ads open more doors to advertiser and stay on message, while neutralizing competitive efforts. Cover wrap ads drive audience to take action and purchase products or services.

The Forbes Cover-Wrap Program produced $20 Million in new business to my software company. This program works. I'm renewing and expanding my program this year.

- CMO, Software Company,
San Jose, CA

CoverWrap in Action