1:1 Magazine CoverWrap® Marketing

Business-to-Business CoverWrap® Marketing

Reach your most elusive prospects and guarantee your message gets noticed! CoverWrap® Programs, deliver your tailored messages to identified key decision makers, wrapped around the most popular national magazines. You select the recipients, by name, title, income level, professional or other qualifying descriptors, using your list or our custom database, and we will send your cover wrapped issues directly to them and only them. 100% of your audience will be reached, with no waste, with this unmatched 1:1 solution, perfect for lead generation in any industry.

How it WorksHow it Works

Three simple steps to building relationships and getting results using CoverWrap Communications:

  1. Identify recipients by providing your own list of customers and prospects or by tapping into our extensive database knowledge, creating an audience database that best meets your needs.
  2. Select the magazine that provides a complementary environment for your message. CoverWrap Communications partners with a wide selection of prestigious national titles that will reflect positively on your brand and break through the clutter. Run with #1 Powerhouse Magazine Brands.
  3. Start reaching customers with your personalized communication on the cover of the magazine you selected. Coverwrap ads appear on magazines and can be delivered directly to specific individuals to reach the customers who will most influence your business. Typical programs run for one year but 3 month and 6 month programs are available too.

Audience DevelopmentAudience Development

CoverWrap Communications and it's database team will develop any audience in the world and provide innovative and accurate solutions. Reach your most valuable audiences, the key decision makers you need to grow your business. We can develop C-Suite, E-Suite, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Private Brokers, Buyers and everything audience in-between.

Campaign AnalysisCampaign Analysis

Evaluate campaign effectiveness with a survey sent to subscription recipients and/or participate in an online survey. A custom follow-up survey is sent to each target so you can effectively gauge your campaign performance and optimize future campaigns.

Why CoverWrap CommunicationsWhy CoverWrap Communications

Our CoverWrap marketing approach starts with uncovering your exact audience, developing your unique audience database and is powered by the most popular leading business magazine titles. Then, qualitative post-campaign surveys capture the data and optimize future campaigns. With 30+ years of experience, you can be sure we know exactly how to create CoverWrap campaigns that work.

Continuous CommunicationContinuous Communication

Your audience will look forward to each issue and will receive your message in a welcomed and valued medium. Your CoverWrap ads may appear every week, every other week, once a month, or quarterly depending on your messaging needs and magazine frequency.

CRM CoverWrap MarketingCRM CoverWrap Marketing

CoverWrap Communications provides many different customer loyalty solutions which keeps companies connected to their core customer base. Our CRM programs stay in constant contact with customers throughout all phases of the sales cycle. They neutralize competitive efforts and strengthen existing relationships. Programs keep companies top-of-mind with powerful prominent positioning. Contact us today for your B2B / CRM cover-wrap marketing needs.

Trusted FoundationTrusted Foundation

Every CoverWrap Program is backed by the world's leading POWERHOUSE Publishers including Forbes, Economist, Hearst Magazines, Meredith and many other prominent publishers. CoverWrap Communications is the #1 independent cover wrap advertising provider with 30+ years experience.

The Forbes Cover-Wrap Program produced $20 Million in new business to my software company. This program works. I'm renewing and expanding my program this year.

- CMO, Software Company,
San Jose, CA

CoverWrap in Action

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