Powerful, Prominent Positioning

Targeted, Meaningful Results.

CoverWrap®’s targeting solutions speak directly to your business audience with effective tailored messaging targeting key decision-makers. Cover wrap ads drive audiences to engage with advertisers.  

1. Target

Focused and Precise
Audience Selection

2. Create

Engaging Messaging and Tailored Design

3. Deliver

Your Message to Any Business, Anywhere

4. Grow

With Qualitative Research and ROI Analysis

100% Coverage:

Cover wraps reach our client’s entire target audience. They are unique mediums that keep recipients engaged with the sponsor’s message.

Recipient Experience:

The involuntary tendency to read the sponsor’s message and to think more favorably of the sponsor’s representatives. The recipient feels honored to be recognized and positively responds to the sponsor.

94% Brand Awareness:

Industry Studies Show 94% brand awareness in those that receive a custom publication getting the message through to hard-to-reach recipients. Our sponsors receive valuable feedback and engagement from recipients regarding this communication and future interests.

Database Management:

Utilizing robust database targeting and profile characteristics, the CoverWrap® team can get a sponsor’s message in front of the key decision-makers.

Subscription Continuity:

Magazines are continually delivered to create awareness frequency that reinforces the business messaging to the recipient every week, every other week once a month, or quarterly depending on your business needs.

Prestige Magazine Halo Effect:

Associating your ad message with trusted leading content providers strengthens your brand image creates an aura of strength and creditability.

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