Point-of-Care CoverWrap® Advertising - POC Cover Wrap Advertising

Point-of-Care CoverWrap® Advertising

Pharmaceutical CoverWrap Advertising

The waiting room is where patients prepare to see their doctor for what could be the most important conversation of the week, month or year. The better informed they are, the better they can communicate with the physician during their all-too-brief time in the exam room. CoverWrap Communications transforms the waiting room experience by providing trusted information on magazine cover-wraps. It's bold, front cover messaging, and educational approach to healthcare marketing helps patients have better conversations with their doctors and make better decisions for themselves and their families when they walk out the door.

Make Your Brand Part of the Patient/Doctor Conversation

Filling the unmet need for solid information in the doctor's office, the CoverWrap Communications program is specifically designed for the waiting room. It's engaging, bold cover surface format drives action and prompts patients to ask their doctors questions about specific medications, products and treatments.

Align yourself with the Most Trusted Brands consumers want to read

Trusted, leading, national magazines provide the ideal environment for advertiser's important and timely messages to consumers. Program guarantees messaging is seen and read in the most important offices.

Bold Ad Units Deliver Vital Message

2, 4 and 6-page cover-wrap ad units guarantee delivery of advertiser's complete message. Ample space is provided for product information, questions to ask physician, healthy lifestyle recommendations, coupons, prescribing information, etc.

Reach precise target audience in high-prescribing U.S. physician offices

Each network program is customized to precise needs of advertiser. Advertiser chooses specialty and most desired practices. There is no waste similar to other in-office programs.

PhRMA Compliant

Our programs are compliant with current PhRMA code. Advertisers purchase ad space in select magazines in highly targeted demographic editions / locations.

We launched a new product in a new drug classification. We wanted to educate the patient and stimulate a dialogue between patients, physicians and PA's regarding 'product name'. The program was very effective and the IMS data confirmed the research study results. I am planning another cover-wrap program for one of my clients.

- Media Director, Ad Agency,
New York, NY

CoverWrap in Action