Magazine Cover Wrap Best Practices

magazine cover wrap advertising

When it comes to the practices used by companies that market with cover wrap magazines, the main purpose is to exploit business-to-business (B2B) advertising opportunities. Although the internet has made a big impact in how businesses advertise their services, magazines are still quite popular and effective in terms of their distribution and readership potential.

For your company to best exploit the potential for magazine cover wrap advertising, it will need to follow the established practices that have helped build this into one of the most effective forms of marketing with an outstanding return of investment.

Understanding Your Audience

If you know the type of person or business that your company wants to reach, that is most of the battle. This means that the proper magazines can be selected which appeal to the target audience. Such databases can be augmented as well to reach out even further.

Include Sales Force

The sales force of your company will need to take the lead in developing the right message to place on magazine cover wrap advertisements. Their skills and experience will be needed to ensure that all the marketing takes the same direction.

Be Simple

While cover wrap magazines offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the use of colors, text and images, it is generally best to start with something simple and straightforward. The idea is to create a format where the audience will recognize the advertisement as something that comes from your company and the consistency can be expanded upon to include new images, photos and effects over time.

magazine cover wrap best practices

In fact, you’ll want to use existing artwork so that it is more recognizable and the impact will be far stronger. Advertising efforts should do more than just catch the eye, they need to reinforce identification of your business. Over time, you can add to the effect, but the truth is that simplicity offers a better way to reach your target audience and effectively judge the results so that changes can be made.

Combine All Marketing Efforts Into a Powerful Campaign

Cover wraps can be used as an anchor point for the many different marketing campaigns that your business oversees. By pulling in such diverse methods as direct marketing, public relations and the building of relationships between businesses, your company that focus its advertising efforts that play off the cover wrap effort.

Images are great for backgrounds to your cover art campaign as they instantly draw in the reader. The cover itself will also need the company logo and have an eye-catching headline as well. This will help with identification for your audience. In addition, a letter from the company executive on the inner front cover should also include their signature and photo for a more personalized approach.

The best form of marketing involves a step-by-step process that starts with a relatively straightforward presentation and adds to it over time to improve the overall returns. When it comes to magazine cover wrap practices, the approach should be over several months to get the proper feel and then fully exploit the potential that it has to offer.

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