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CoverWrap Communications LLC provides targeted business-to-business, point-of-care, and public place magazine cover-wrap programs reaching almost any target audience in the world.

B2B Magazine Cover Wrap Programs

Business-to-business cover-wrap programs are capable of targeting 1,000 to 10,000 executives in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Advertisers may choose target audiences by title, region, industry, etc., or submit their own list. B2B advertisers will reach 95+% of their target audience. B2B programs deliver significant, measurable ROI.

Medical Magazine Cover Wrap Programs

Pharmaceutical network cover-wrap programs are capable of reaching patients in high traffic waiting rooms in the US. Advertisers may choose from leading magazines to target precise demographic.

Retail Cover Wrap Programs

Public-place cover-wrap programs allow advertisers to target beauty salons, spas, fitness centers, barbers, etc. Programs are customized to specific needs of advertiser.

Please explore the website for additional information regarding the advertising programs mentioned above. Thank you for visiting our website and please contact us for your cover-wrap marketing needs.

The Forbes Program worked especially well for one of my clients. It produced significant ROI. The research scores were off the chart. David Kenyon was a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with his company again.

- President, Ad Agency,
St.Louis, MO


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Research Results

  • 98% "read messages"
  • 68% "contacted advertiser"
  • 87% "find useful"
  • 88% "learned something new"
  • 78% "enhances perception of advertiser"
  • 92% "read coverwrap ad"
  • 38% "contacted sales rep"
  • 97% "value this form of communication"

CoverWrap in Action

Sample Audiences

  • CEOs: 4,000
  • CFOs: 3,000
  • PCP Offices: 15,000
  • Fleet Managers: 4,000
  • Institutional Investors: 2,000
  • Benefits Managers: 4,000
  • Pediatrician Offices: 12,000
  • Farmers: 6,000